Deepika Bhalla


About Deepika Bhalla

Chateau Luxe Founder

Deepika Bhalla is the Founder of Chateau Luxe Event & Conference Center. Born a natural entertainer, Deepika always loved to host parties that rival the most elegant soirees anywhere! There’s no question that her vision for Chateau Luxe came naturally to her…

After successfully opening and operating a Medical Practice alongside her husband while raising their children, Deepika decided it was time to embark upon her true passion – celebrating life’s precious moments and bringing smiles to those around her. She had dreamed for years of opening her own event venue, and in 2015, she was thrilled when Chateau Luxe opened it’s doors to the Greater Phoenix community. Since opening, Chateau Luxe has been celebrated for it’s beautiful mountain views, exquisite cuisine, world-class service, and luxurious touches at every turn.

Deepika’s loving nature and big heart has been the driving force behind the company’s charitable giving, with the launch of the Annual Chateau Luxe Cares Contest. Each year Chateau Luxe gives away a completely free event worth up to $50,000 to an Arizona non-profit organization helping them raise much needed funds to carry out the important work they do in our community here in Arizona.

When asked what she could not live without, her answer comes easily…she is passionate about her family, friends, elegance, and doing things the right way, always! Deepika says her success comes from making every decision with Integrity, and surrounding herself with the best team at Chateau Luxe who are good natured, dedicated, and committed to bringing the guests an experience unlike any other. Her advice to anyone would be to follow your dreams; you have one life to live, live it to the fullest!

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